Nadia Hussain doesn’t do her husband’s chores because he’s not her ‘child’

Nadia Hussain is known for being bold and straightforward. She is famous for speaking her mind out without sugar-coating her words and in a recent interview, the actress defined the boundaries of a ‘healthy’ relationship.

Hussain openly called out those who expect women to do all the chores. She said that it is not a woman’s responsibility to serve her husband. The host questioned the actress about if she has ever done domestic work for her husband. To which she replied, ‘Why should I? He’s not my child, he’s my life partner.’

The supermodel was also asked what her reaction would be if her husband requested her to bring food or water. Nadia said that she believes it is completely fine. She is of the opinion that ‘demanding and expecting a woman to come home from work and then serving her husband is wrong.’

Nadia also told that she is not in favor of the ‘male privilege’ and hence, she is not raising her kids with it.

Watch the complete interview here:

Many women, with similar views, applauded the model over her point of view. A lot of users in the comments believe that partners in a marriage should both work together and husbands should not enforce things on their wives.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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