Nadia Hussain criticizes Sadaf Kanwal over her statement on gender roles after marriage

Nadia Hussain criticizes Sadaf Kanwal over her statement on gender roles after marriage

Nadia Hussain appeared in a show recently. She addressed her statement about wives doing their husbands’ chores. She also talked about Sadaf Kanwal’s controversial statement on the same topic as well.

Nadia was recently invited to Harr Lamha Purjosh hosted by Waseem Badami. The actress was questioned about her statement from another show. Hussain had stated in the show that she doesn’t do her husband’s personal chores because he can do them himself. She also said that her husband is not her child.

Badami asked the model what she thinks about Sadaf Kanwal’s views on the same topic which were contradictory to Nadia’s. Hussain criticized Kanwal’s statement. She said that she has a problem with what Sadaf said because she used the sentence, ‘this is our culture.’

The Jalan actress believes that if a woman wants to do it with her will. then it is okay. However, if she is forced to do it, then there is a problem. ‘Wo jootay uthaye usske talway chatay, mujhe kya faraq parta hai?’ she added.

Nadia Hussain is of the view that a woman’s will is important. She also explained that she didn’t mean doing house chores is wrong. But performing the husband’s personal tasks as long as he can do it himself is wrong. Moreover, expecting women to come home from work and do everything is wrong too.

Talking about her own children. She said that she is raising her kids to be responsible. She doesn’t want them to depend on anyone for their minor tasks.

Hussain often uses her platform to raise awareness about important societal issues. Previously, the supermodel talked about the significance of women knowing their right to divorce. She took to Instagram where she discussed clause – 18 in Nikkah papers. She also said that usually this portion is crossed in the appears.

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