Actor Muneeb Butt thinks women should live in fear of their husband’s second marriage

Actor Muneeb Butt thinks women should live in fear of their husband's second marriage

Actor Muneeb Butt does not shy away from letting his opinion known. Recently, Butt appeared on Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan to promote his latest drama.

During the show, the host asked Amar Khan and Butt about their phobias. It was then that the topic of ‘second marriage‘. Answering this question, Muneeb said that every woman should have this ‘fear’.

According to him, women should ‘pamper their husbands, take care of them and love them so they don’t marry for the second time’.

Muneeb Butt thinks that since men are allowed, socially and religiously to marry more than once, women should ‘be afraid’ of their husband bringing home another wife.

Upcoming Drama

Actor Muneeb Butt also shared that so far, every project he has worked on has received a great response from the viewers.

Currently, he is starring alongside Amar Khan in the drama serial ‘Baddua’. The drama is airing on Ary Digital. It is written by Samina Ijaz.

While talking about her role, Amar said that her character in this drama is ‘very human’. She said that Abeer, her character, is full of life and has dreams. She’s ambitious and independent. She is hopeful that people will like her character and connect with that.

She added that nowadays, characters are either fully negative or positive. But, this drama has characters with depth, and that is its strength. She said that she is looking forward to playing the character.

Watch the episode here:

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