Muneeb Butt issues clarification on the viral clip, says it was ‘sarcasm’

Muneeb Butt issues clarification on the viral clip, says it was 'sarcasm'

Recently, Muneeb Butt’s clip from Nida Yasir’s show, Good Morning Pakistan, went viral. In the clip, he said that women should fear their husbands’ second marriage and pamper them.

The internet was certainly not pleased over this, and many people spoke up against it.

However, Butt has issued a clarification. He posted the video on his Instagram account and said that media publications are taking him ‘out of context’.

The actor said that he is joking about second marriage and how a woman should pamper her husband. He added that picking a clip and ‘using it in a different context’ is not journalism.

Muneeb said that he disagrees that women should live in a constant fear that their husbands will leave them. He went on to say that it was ‘sarcasm’, and his relationship with his wife is based on love.

Muneeb Butt’s video

Muneeb Butt appeared on Nida Yasir’s show alongside Amar Khan to promote their new drama. During the show, the host asked the two about their phobias. The topic switched to ‘second marriage’.

Answering a question, Muneeb said that women should live in fear of their husbands’ second marriage. This is why they should pamper their husbands and love them so they don’t marry again.

Muneeb Butt’s clip opinion brought a lot of backlash from internet users. Other than this, Muneeb also talked about the rumors of him getting injections for ‘fair complexion.

He also said that he would never work with Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar, as he would look ‘young’ alongside them.

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