‘Mujhay bohat bura laga,’ Nida Yasir on Yasir’s character in Chaudhry & Sons

'Mujhay bohat bura laga,' Nida Yasir on Yasir's character in Chaudhry & Sons

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are currently promoting their upcoming film, ‘Chakkar.’ Recently, the two were spotted in an interview with an online portal. In the interview, Nida expressed her disappointment with the team of the Ramadan serial, ‘Chaudhry & Sons.’

The host questioned Nida if she is watching her husband’s series, Chaudhry & Sons. She quickly replied that she isn’t watching because she believes Yasir made the wrong choice. ‘I told him you made a wrong selection,’ she revealed.

Adding further into the topic, ‘Yasir didn’t read the script and agreed to it. He is doing main lead roles in many dramas. I strongly disliked his character and I am angry because of it.’

‘He is offered great projects by big production houses. However, he shows tantrums to them. I don’t know why he agreed on doing the project. Maybe he did it for the producer,’ she said.

Nida kept on saying that she is not fake so she won’t shy away from admitting that she has complaints about Yasir’s role. On the other hand, Nawaz said that he was disturbed throughout the project but did it for the people associated with it.

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