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2020 was a year of great change and trial. However, while the world was locked inside, one thing that kept everyone entertained was television, and hence, the drama industry. Pakistanis from their home watched drama serials to keep themselves entertained, and often to help their curiosity, they searched about actresses on the search engine giant, Google.

Every year, Google releases its list of what has been searched the most on it. This year too, they put out a list of drama actresses Pakistani that caught the attention of netizens the most. Here is a list of famous Pakistani actresses of the previous year:

1- Mahira Khan

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Mahira tops the list of the most famous Pakistani actresses. She was the most searched Pakistani celebrity of 2020 with a total searches of 254,000 each month.

Mahira won over people’s hearts ever since her debut drama serial Humsafar alongside Fawad Khan. People loved her character, ‘Khirad.’ Since then, she has stayed a constant fan favorite. She is an immensely successful actress who also made her way into Bollywood by featuring in a film alongside Shahrukh Khan.

The biggest reason why people love Mahira is because of her personality both on and off screen.

2- Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is undoubtedly the best Pakistani actress. Not many can compete with her when it comes to acting. She is a powerhouse of talent who is known for taking versatile roles and exhibiting them in the most perfect way possible.

With this, she has a massive following and for all the right reasons. Aziz has appeared in serials such as Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi, Suno Chanda,, and Qurbaan. Iqra gets a total of 189,000 searches each month.

3- Alizeh Shah

Who doesn’t know Alizeh Shah? She is the biggest inspiration for the young actresses of the industry due to her successful acting career.

At a very young age, Shah has been able to garner a lot of following. She gained hype after her role in serial Ishq Tamasha and ever since then, has always been in the spotlight. Alizeh is the 3rd most famous Pakistani actress according to Google and has been searched for 180,000 times per month. She was adored in the serial Ehd-e-wafa.

4- Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is absolutely stunning and graceful. She is loved and has starred in some of the most-watched serials such as Koi Chaand Rakh, Yariyaan, and Mere Pass Tum Ho. With a total number of searches of 148,000 per month, the actress makes it to the 4th number when it comes to the list of ‘best Pakistani actresses.’

5- Hania Amir

Hania has been searched128,000 each month. She is definitely one of the most famous Pakistani actresses. The star has grown with time and her acting skills have gotten even better.

Amir appeared in fan-favorite serials of the year including Ishqiya. Other than this, she has also starred in Anaa, Phir Wohi Mohabbat, Dil Ruba, and more.

Hania made her debut into the world of acting with a film and has featured in many dramas ever since.

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