Momina Mustehsan defends Alizeh Shah against trolls ‘moral policing’ her

Alizeh Shah and her choice of dressing have been under criticism for quite a long now and people have been giving her a lot of hate over it. However, it seems like many think the trolls need to sit back and relax instead of giving her unnecessary hate.

Shah shared a video of herself dressed in a soft pink dress on Instagram captioning it with ‘not seekin’ approval.’ But it seems like many were triggered by Alizeh’s choice of dressing or her caption which is why they rushed to school her on moral values and ‘appropriate dressing.’

Many trolled the actress among which one person commented that he believes the actress has changed her personality just to get fame. Singer Momina Mustehsan hit back at the troll moral policing Shah and told him she ‘disagrees’ with him. Mustehsan believes that the actress was already famous and she doesn’t need to change herself for that. The singer very respectfully delivered her point of view saying that people should be allowed to express themselves the way they want to. She further mentioned that a person’s looks, thinking and feelings keep changing and this is the ‘beauty of life.’ Momina believes that to receive freedom, one should extend it too.

This is not it, the singer replied to another similar comment saying that Islam doesn’t allow one to hurt others. And whatever one wears is between Allah and the person. Moreover, instead of focusing on other’s dressing and mocking them on it, one should avoid hurting others because this is what they’ll be answerable for.

Previously Shah made it to the headlights for calling all those out who were discussing her dressing in the song ‘Badnamiyan’ rather than talking about the more serious issues like Palestine.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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