Momina Mustehsan returns to social media after a long hiatus

While social media allows people to lead dual lives and provides a distraction to people from their everyday lives, it can also get quite exhausting.

Social media gets even tougher for celebrities as they have to deal with online hate and trolls consistently. To give herself a break, Momina Mustehsan went on a social media hiatus and is now back. During her time away from the phone, the singer realized how beautiful life actually is.

On 26 June 2021, she posted a photo with the words “We’re temporarily closed”.

Now, she is back and has learned a lot. Posting a note on her social media, she said that the break took longer than she intended it to.

Momina added that continuously being exposed to information and content from across the globe can get overwhelming. With negative news coming from everywhere, you tend to believe an awful world out there. But, Momina now disagrees with this. She said that this is far from the truth.

She went on to say that social media has positives too. It becomes the voice of the downtrodden, and everyone gets to share the opportunity of telling their stories. The Afreen Afreen singer ended the note by saying that life is a puzzle, and everyone holds different pieces to the bigger picture.

“We all have little solutions to the bigger problem. We need to be human”, she jots down.

There is no lie that social media has its downsides, and while it takes us near people who are far away from us, it can sometimes take us so far away from people right next to us. But, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t beneficial. It is. In the nooks and corners of the internet, misfits tend to find support groups that they grow to love and where they are understood. It helps bridge barriers in a way that was never done before.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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