WATCH | Teasers for Momin Saqib’s debut drama serial ‘Be-Adab’ are OUT now!

Momin Saqib won over numerous hearts through his humor and his viral cricket video. Pakistanis are well-aware of his joyful nature. Momin gained celebrity fame after those videos and one thing was sure since day one, he is very talented. Other than that, he has an excellent academic record as well.

Momin has often been spotted with a lot of celebrities such as Hania Amir and Asim Azhar. Everyone had predicted that he might step into the world of acting and well, the guesses were right. His debut drama’s teasers are out now.

The drama named ‘Be-Adab’ stars many prominent actors such as Hajra Yamin, Faryal Mehmood, Rehan Sheikh, and Sania Saeed. It will be aired on HUM TV. The trailers surely look promising, and we have high hopes for both, the drama and Momin.

Here are the trailers of the upcoming series:

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