TikToker Molvi Irfan Muhammad is re-defining masculinity by teaching ‘beauty tips’

Many of you may have heard of Irfan Muhammad, the molvi of TikTok, whose videos are quite entertaining. Recently, he gave a new definition to masculinity and challenged gender norms by teaching ‘beauty tips’ on his account.

With 2.6 million followers on the video-sharing platform TikTok, he is definitely making a statement. He’s not just giving beauty hacks; there are also tips for women to follow on his account!

Molvi Irfan is definitely breaking stereotypes and challenging ‘toxic masculinity’ head-on with his videos, and while many people are living for it, there are some that cannot digest a guy doing makeup, it seems.

Notable personalities, like Rabi Pirzada, had a lot to say about this. According to her, his videos go against the religion, and Irfan shouldn’t do this while ‘he has a beard’.

Former TV host and singer Pirzada was clearly upset over this, and said that this is ‘un-Islamic’. But, her tweet wasn’t politely received.

Here’s how the people reacted to Rabi Pirzada:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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