Mohib Mirza Was Told To Get ‘Whitening Injections’ By Pakistani Directors & Filmmakers

In a recent interview with ‘Something Haute’, Mohib Mirza opened up about how he rejected some film scripts because the directors asked him to ‘lighten’ his complexion.

Mohib Mirza is really talented actor. His recent character of ‘Hatim’ in the drama ‘Dushman-e-Jaan’ airing on ARY Digital has been appreciated by many. He is also featuring alongside Hania Amir in the drama, ‘Dilruba’.

Mohib’s entire career is full of many characters who have won people’s hearts. He has received awards for his work as well. He is famous for his looks too although he goes somewhat against our ‘industry’s beauty standards’.

The actor himself shed light on the racist beliefs of our entertainment industry. In the interview, he said that some renowned directors approached him. However, he didn’t agree on doing the role simply because he was told to get ‘whitening injections’.

Mohib further added that if the selection criteria of a director were based upon someone’s skin color rather than their talent, he ‘wouldn’t simply work with them’ because he is comfortable the way he is.

Mohib Mirza clarified that he doesn’t feel bad at all about rejecting these scripts. He even challenged such racist directors and writers, and asked them to travel to Europe with him and see how people embraced the ‘brown skin tone’.

He has left a very positive message for everyone about loving and accepting yourself the way you are and ‘never feeling bad’ about saying ‘no’ to something, if it makes you uncomfortable.

Watch his full interview here

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