Model Zara Peerzada talks about the ’emotionally distressing’ side of periods

Model Zara Peerzada recently shed light on a very important issue. She opened up about the difficulty of being socially available and going to work while fighting the symptoms of her menstrual cycle.

The model recently took to Instagram to talk about an issue that people rarely discuss in Pakistan. The conversation about how menstruation impacts women mentally are real and the model understands it.

In her IG stories, model Zara Peerzada said that people usually talk about going to work with cramps and headaches. However, nobody ever talks about the struggles of women with severe mental conditions.

Emotionally distressing side of periods.

Mentioning some of these conditions, she wrote, ‘Hormonal imbalances, PMDD, poor mental health + PMS?’ She further questioned women how they manage to work especially if they have to be socially interactive. ‘How do you cope if you have a socially interactive job or work environment?’ she asked.

Talking about her own menstrual cycle, she expressed how it has become ‘mentally taxing’ as she ages. ‘Extreme anxiety, extreme anger, irritability, and despondency,’

Model Zara Peerzada talks about the 'emotionally distressing' side of periods.

Diving deeper into her own battle with menstrual symptoms, she talked about how her relationship with her partner. She said that her partner and family have suffered because of her temper issues during those days She further mentioned that despite trying to control it, it still gets out of hand at times.

Model Zara Peerzada talks about the 'emotionally distressing' side of periods.

Peerzada said that she gives her partner a warning when her days are ‘close.’ She also stressed upon people knowing the difference between PMS and PMDD. She ended the note with, ‘Men with menstruating partners might also want to acquaint themselves so make our lives just a little easier.’

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