Model accuses Sumbul Iqbal of having an affair with her father, shares evidence

Sumbul Iqbal Khan is a famous name in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. However, she is now the highlight of the internet but for all the wrong reasons. An emerging model named Mantasha Kiani has accused Sumbul of having a relationship with her father, Nadeem Kiani. Mantasha accused Sumbul in November 2019, but the matter died down and has gained hype again recently because of a leaked audiotape.

What actually happened?

Mantasha opened up about the actresses’ affair with her father through a Facebook post. She wrote that Sumbul has been in a relationship with her father for 10 years. She also blamed the actress for ‘stealing her father’ and called her the reason why she and her father were on ‘bad terms’.

The model also asked Sumbul to ‘justify’ the relationship she had with her father and questioned why the actress roams around in their cars.

Here’s her post:

The audiotapes of the two which had been leaked explained their relationship. In the first one, Sumbul and Nadeem were arguing.

Here’s the first leaked audio:

Meanwhile, in the second one, the actress is asking Nadeem to legally ‘hand-over’ his house to her because she is insecure that he will throw her out of the house. To this, Nadeem replies that he has given everything Sumbul has asked him for the previous 12 years.

Here’s the second audio tape:

Sumbul Iqbal Khan is yet to speak up on the matter and even though the scandal is all over the internet, she hasn’t spilled a word out herself.

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