Mizna Waqas makes shocking revelations about senior actor Rashid Farooqui’s behavior

Mizna Waqas makes shocking revelations about senior actor Rashid Farooqui's behavior

Actress Mizna Waqas shared her experience with senior actor Rashid Farooq. The actress revealed how he insulted her.

The actress appeared in the Mazedaar show hosted by Aadi Adeal and Faizan Sheikh. Her interview from last month has resurfaced on social media. She talked about multiple things. Waqas also opened up about her experience with actor Rashid Farooq. She mentioned that she was shooting a scene with him and she had to cry in it. However, she had a medical condition and wasn’t able to. ‘They put glycerin in my eye but it didn’t help because my eye was too dry,’ she added.

Mizna stated that this angered the actor and he insulted and scolded her. ‘I don’t know from where you guys get such actors,’ she said quoting him.

The actress said that his behavior made her cry a lot because she wasn’t used to it. ‘I came from an educated background and I was a language instructor,’ she added.

Mizna Waqas also revealed that the directors often tell her that she is too ‘desi’ to play modern roles.

The actress is best known for her role in the drama Suno Chanda.

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