‘Evil characters are real and it is important to play them too’ Mira Sethi talks about her character in Chupke Chupke

Mira Sethi is a headstrong and vocal actress of the industry who is known for her strong values. However, her role in the famous comedy-drama ‘Chupke Chupke’ has raised many questions and people are asking her why she agreed to play such a toxic role in the serial.

Sethi played the role of Gul e Rana, who is a toxic, bossy, and problematic sister and is the center of all the conflict in the serial. The character’s evilness has made people ask Mira why she chose the role. However, the actress did not answer or address the questions until recently, following the drama’s massive success. The star was recently seen in an interview with a well-reputed media outlet where she addressed Gul apa’s flaws.

The actress agreed that her character was evil and toxic. She also revealed that she expected being a part of a comedic serial, that she will also be doing comedy but little did she know that her role didn’t demand her to be comedic. While everyone on the set was doing comedy, ‘Gul wasn’t allowed to do it’ due to the seriousness of her role.

Sethi also admitted that using a high-pitched tone and hand gestures was very uncomfortable for her. She said that her character was a challenge but ‘she had to own it.’ Mira talked about the hate she received for playing Gul but the actress believes that ‘evil and toxic characters’ exist in reality and hence, it is very important to play them as well.

Watch Mira’s complete interview here:

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