‘Why do men police us so much?’ Mira Sethi questions why masculinity starts and ends with a woman’s clothing

Mira Sethi shared her thoughts on how people are always judging women for their choice of clothing. The actress talked about society’s definition of masculinity.

Mira has always been vocal when it comes to women’s rights. In a recent interview with a local media outlet, the actress shared her views on how women’s choice of clothing has always been objectionable under the radar.

In the interview, she mentioned a comment she saw on her colleague’s post. She mentioned that she saw a comment underneath Ushna Shah’s picture. The actress was wearing jeans and a top in the picture. On it, a user commented that he shouldn’t be blamed if his ‘masculinity’ compels him to act in a certain way.

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Sethi asked what masculinity is exactly. She questioned why the definition and masculinity always starts and ends on a woman’s clothing. Mira believes that a broad-minded man and an independent woman can co-exist in society.

The actress is of the view that the concept of masculinity for these people is narrow. She urged people to broaden their minds. Other than this, she also mentioned how women won’t say the same thing that the man did to a guy wearing tight jeans.

Sethi proceeded with explaining her point. She said that men think it is okay to say something like this to women anytime. However, women don’t speak like this at all.

The Chupke Chupke star questioned why men ‘police’ women so much. Mira says that women are well-aware of their boundaries.

Mira Sethi was criticized for her choice of dressing at LSA’21. The actress lashed out at people criticizing her dressing. She made it clear in a series of Tweets that she doesn’t dress to impress anyone.

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