‘Go home. I don’t dress for you,’ Mira Sethi claps back at trolls

Mira Sethi claps back at trolls

Actress Mira Sethi has made it clear to the haters that she doesn’t dress up for them. She called out all the men obsessed with ‘policing women.’

The novelist took to Instagram to give a message to the haters. She made it clear to the trolls that she doesn’t care about their opinions. She talked about how trolls go nuts under pictures of public-facing women in dresses or costumes that they deem vulgar. ‘Go home. I don’t dress for you,’ she wrote.

She made it clear to everyone that she doesn’t dress for public approval. ‘I don’t dress for anyone or anything other than my own sense of joy and play and expansion,’ she added. She addressed the men of the country who are obsessed with moral policing women. She wrote that they constantly define their ‘honor’ in relation to women’s clothes, bodies, and how they appear.

‘It is a small-minded, decayed, hateful thing to do,’ she said further. The actress then told how the women who ‘secularize public spaces with their words and clothes and defiance’ inspire her.

Mira Sethi claps back at trolls

Mira went on telling how it might seem silly but only those who go through it can understand. ‘Those subjected to the heat of abuse know that simply by being – by asserting with our voices and bodies – we are clawing back space from rotten hierarchies of power and control,’ she concluded.

Sethi’s post came as a response to the public trolling celebrities for their outfits at 20th LSA. Earlier, actress Mansha Pasha also schooled individuals ‘slut-shaming’ actors on their dressing.

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