[PICTURES] Minal Khan’s new Telefilm ‘Pyaas’ tells the story of underprivileged women of Paien, Haripur

Minal Khan is one of the most known stars of Pakistan’s media industry who has gained a lot of fame at a very young age. She has appeared in some famous dramas and has always stunned people with her acting skills and talent.

Her recent project, Pyas, is a telefilm, and by the looks of it, looks extremely promising. Minal plays the role of an underprivileged woman of Kohala Paien, Haripur, and the script is targeted at showing the life of those women, focusing on their life struggles.

Pyaas by Syed Wajahat Hussain is an unordinary story highlighting very important topics. The story focuses on women who walk miles and miles just to fetch water for their daily life activities.

Minal took to her instagram shedding some light on the telefilm and its topic:

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  • Ahsan Shehzad says:

    Very storng content. Watch Telefilm Pyaas Minal Khan & Yasir Hussain’s

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