WATCH | Minal Khan makes 5 startling revelations about her experience in the showbiz!

Minal Khan is a ‘big name’ of the Pakistani drama industry. She is a 21 years old actress who started her acting career at the age of 13. Her first role was in the drama ‘Kaash main teri beti na hoti’. After that, she appeared in around 26 drama serials.

Today, Minal Khan is one of the most famous actresses in the industry and she has won over the hearts of thousands with her acting skills.

Her Interview

However, she became what she is now by going through a lot of rough patches which she recently opened up about. In an interview with ‘Something Haute‘, Minal said that she had faced a lot of criticism and hate for her acting skills from her fellow actors and even the directors. People used to compare her with her twin, Aiman Khan, not only on the basis of skills but also on the basis of appearance.

Experiencing hate and criticism

Minal also mentioned that despite all the hate and comparison, Aiman made sure she was her sister’s support. She always told Minal to grow and work on herself. She said that Aiman is like her mother who has taught her a lot.

Minal also told how she was really proud of her projects which she did as a child however the negative comments and people fat-shaming always took the best of her and the happiness would ‘fade away’.

Minal Khan currently wishes to do dramas with a ‘good script’ and versatile roles. Right now, she is appearing in the drama Jalan on ARY Digital. She says that her role in the drama is the one she has always been waiting for. Nisha is a character that will make her prove her acting skills. Moreover, she said that the drama is not to bring a negative impact but it is based on truth. She herself has seen such examples in the society and usually, the older child is told to give the younger everything they wish or ask for.
Minal thinks that the drama highlights the significance of parenting and how they should guide their kids about right and wrong.

Watch her interview here:

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What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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