Minal Khan opens up about the backlash she received on Jalan

Minal Khan has finally adressed the criticism she is facing for the drama serial ‘Jalan’.

Plot and storyline

Jalan is currently being aired on ARY Digital every Wednesday and everybody could already guess what the storyline is after the initial teasers.
Minal Khan is playing one of the leading roles in the serial and the actress appearing in a negative role is a rare sight. However, one thing we appreciate is how Minal pulled off the character and her acting is absolutely splendid.


So what is the criticism about? It is towards the plot and story of the drama. People are infuriated over the depiction of a love story between a girl and her brother-in-law. The concept of two sisters or cousins hitting over the same guy has become mainstream and is often shown in the Pakistani entertainment industry and the concept of it is surely, disturbing.

Minal Khan’s response

Minal opened up about how the drama impacted her personal life and how she already saw it coming. People bashed the actress and hit her personal life since she also has a sister, Aiman Khan, and a brother-in-law. She explained how insensitive people are and the public commented that Aiman should hide ‘Muneeb’ from her. People think that Aiman and Minal are like Misha and Nisha too. Minal, however, said that the relationship she had with her sister is completely different than the one shown in the drama.

She also said that she initially felt okay over the comments because they made her realize how well and naturally she played the role that people confused Nisha with her real self.

Although the plot is surely offensive on many levels, we need to accept that Minal is only playing a character given to her and it says nothing about her personal life or actual personality.

Watch the full interview here:

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