Noor Bukhari thinks Minal Khan is ‘misleading the youth’

Noor Bukhari is a former actress, host, director, and model, who bid farewell to showbiz to start her spiritual journey. In an interview, the former actress told how she became a ‘new Noor’ after she decided to follow the path of Islam.

Minal Khan’s pictures with Ahsan Mohsin Ikram from the twin’s birthday party went viral. People considered the pictures to be too ‘inappropriate.’ The actress received a lot of backlash over the pictures, and among the critiques was Noor Bukhari as well.

Noor commented on the pictures saying that she really adored Aiman and Minal. She called Minal out for misleading the youth. The former model said that posting such clicks after marriage is absolutely fine but doing this before is a negative and bad example.

Here’s Noor’s comment:

Well Noor isn’t the only one who thinks this way; many fans bombarded the comment section. They think the pictures are promoting unislamic values and ‘behayai’.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Shavaiz Rasheed says:

    Hindu se ye shadi ker ke behti rehi aj dosro ko mana ker rehi hai.

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