WATCH | Minal Khan has some strong opinions about Kubra Khan’s ‘British accent’

Minal Khan has advised Kubra Khan to speak in an ‘Urdu accent’ rather than a British one.

What actually happened

Minal appeared alongside Iqra Aziz in a show named ‘Tonite with HSY’. The actresses were asked to give a piece of advice to two actresses among whom Kubra was one. Minal gave her the advice to improve her accent as she speaks in a ‘British accent’ and since she works in the Pakistani drama industry, she should work on her accent.

The actress also clarified that whatever she said was on a lighter note by saying ‘Kubra is a lovely person’ and she admires her a lot.

Watch the clip here:

Kubra Khan is a name known by everyone. she is also a model and an actress and comes from London. Since Kubra grew up and graduated in the United Kingdom, her accent has a ‘British’ touch to it, which is natural. This is not the first time anyone has advised Kubra about her accent, many from the industry have done it before too.

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