Ali Gul Pir thinks men should support each other as women do! | WATCH

Rapper-comedian Ali Gul Pir first rose to fame after his song ‘Waderai Ka Beta’, in which he took a fun twist on the privileged class of the country. Ever since then, the singer has been in the limelight for different reasons. More than often Pir uses his platform to raise awareness and uses his voice against injustice in the country.

For now, he has a different message to preach. Ali has recently observed that men do not like to support each other the way women do. He posted a series of stories on Instagram and let his opinion known.

Ali Gul Pir’s observation

In the story, he said that for the past couple of days, he has been high on self-care. He has joined a gym and gotten a facial for the first time in his life and shared this with his followers online. However, Pir noticed that women always sent him encouraging and positive messages. On the other hand, men didn’t do the same. They discouraged him, and said that ‘he should’ve rather given the money to them’.

Pir preached that men should learn something from women, as they are never happy for one another.

“Learn something from women, they support each other, they motivate you”, he said.

He told the public to be happy in someone else’s happiness. The rapper said that if you aren’t living a good life, you should not take the frustration out on other people.

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