Mehwish Hayat shuts up ‘perverts’ for discussing her bra under Independence Day post

When it comes to online hate, celebrities are often the focal point. They have to put up with haters, online trolls, and whatnot. Oftentimes, these people go to places that are highly inappropriate, and such an incident happened with Mehwish Hayat.

The actress has called out trolls for talking about her bra in the comments of her independence day post.

Hayat uploaded a photo of hers on 14th August, in which she was celebrating Pakistan’s Independence day. Meanwhile, a group of users started to talk about the color of her undergarments.

She responded by replying to these sick-minded people in her story. The actress wrote that she was ‘sickened’ to see the replies under her post. She also added that people who are talking about the color of her bra show how ‘sick and petty their minds are.

In another story, she went on to say that she suggests these perverts focus on bigger issues.

It is highly inappropriate for these people to talk about such things under Mehwish’s post. Celebrities are also human beings, who should be treated with respect. Hats off to the actress for standing up for herself.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Raj says:

    Why is she showing off on the 1st place ???
    This women is tension seeker and does these things to get publicity

    If she does that in western culture than people will talk about her whole body not just the bra

  • Gul lala says:

    She is saying the society is in mess, tell me who created mess in society ? Few such vulgar models. Isn’t it? What naked message she tried to give on 14 th august? See through dress. Had our madre millat did that or any other lady in that freedom fight.mehwish hayat is the shame for us.

  • Tahir says:

    I totally agree with Gul lala, Mehwish could clearly wear more appropriate clothing. Why did she had to wear see through dress?? Vulgarity is not a freedom and if you believe it is than people / perverts will talk. Take the consequences of your act

  • Fats says:

    If you’re going to deliberately wear a colored undergarment under white clothing, you’re doing it for the attention. She got what she wanted.

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