Mehwish Hayat recited a beautiful Naat – Pakistani’s reactions weren’t as beautiful

Mehwish Hayat is a name we are all familiar with. Whether it’s acting, dancing, performing or even giving speeches, she proves to be talented in everything.

It’s not uncommon for actors to eventually take an interest in singing too. Some make it in that field too while others just keep it limited to their social media.

In Ramzan, our media almost entirely focuses on Islamic content. From hours long Ramzan Transmissions to various versions of Naats and Hymns take over the usual telecasts.

This happens because no matter how people are in their daily lives, Ramzan is a month where worship ends up being the focus of everyone’s lives. This happens to regular people and celebrities alike.

Mehwish Hayat, feeling the same, recorded herself reciting the famous Naat “Karam Merey Aaqa”.

She called it “a piece of her heart” and uploaded the video to Twitter to share it with her audience.

She shared the video in hopes that it would make people feel as good as she did making it. But like most cases, that didn’t happen. The Pakistani awaam took something as pure as a Naat recitation and turned it into a topic to ridicule her on.

Seeing the insane amounts of hate pile up on social media, Mehwish responded:

This is something that happens every Ramzan. Where male actors and singers also upload more spiritual content and are celebrated, their female counterparts are judged and ridiculed. They’re analysed from the clothes they wear to every sentence they speak.

Instead of taking the time in Ramzan to better ourselves and be nice to those around us. Many Pakistanis take this time to preach instead. This culture needs to end. Why be the nation that’s known for putting people down instead of lifting them up? We can do better than this.

Even if people are more religious just for the month of Ramzan, isn’t that something we should support them in? Let them feel the love that comes with Islam instead of shutting them down on their efforts?

Will this way of thinking ever change in Pakistan?

  • Tahmeera says:

    I didnt hear the naat yet, however anyone who tries to do anything good should be appreciated. If you want to say something about a person, let it be a good positive thing rather than pin pointing and bashing the person of pretending…

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