Mehwish Hayat flaunts her natural skin and we are living for it!

Society has set unrealistic beauty standards. From thin bodies to flawless skin, one feels a lot of pressure to live up to these standards as a way to fit in. However, many actresses have used their platforms to put all that aside and make people believe that they are ‘beautiful’ just the way they are.

Recently, it was Hania Amir who opened up about struggling with skin issues and told her fans to love themselves despite everything. In the past, Mehwish Hayat has also addressed this topic many times. Mehwish is a big name in the industry and has garnered a massive fan-following. People love her and look up to her.

The star recently took to Instagram where she shared a picture of herself without any foundation or makeup in general. She was all-natural in the picture and we are absolutely living for it. Her glowy beautiful skin has people questioning what her skincare routine is. She looks stunning without makeup.

Previously, the actress had opened up about her skin issues including acne and scarring. Uploading a picture on Instagram, Hayat gave a message to those reading it. She told the public that everyone, be it a celebrity or an ordinary person, fights with the same skin issues and insecurities. What’s important is that one MUST learn to embrace their flaws as they are a part of being a ‘woman.’

Hayat’s message was loud and clear. She wants the public to know that perfection doesn’t exist and one should treat their flaws as a strength.

We are in love with the concept of these celebrities preaching self-love by uploading natural, without makeup pictures. One should do all in their capacity to fight against the typical beauty standards defined by society, which make individuals feel like they are not enough and put them in self doubt.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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