Mehwish Hayat gives a message to be ‘supportive’ for each other in her birthday message

Mehwish Hayat just turned 33. The star was flooded with love and wishes from her fans who adore her.

Mehwish took to her Instagram to thank her fans for all the birthday wishes telling them how grateful she is for their love. She further mentioned how the previous year had been significant for her and made her realize that family is the ‘most important’ in her life.

The Chalawa actress gave an essential message to the readers in her post. She talked about how easy it is for people to bring each other down. People bully and abuse each other. The culture of bringing each other down needs to ‘stop.’ Mehwish is of the point of view that her success or anyone else’s is not only hers but makes the entire nation proud.

The star ended her post by talking about depression and thinking that her life is all perfect, but it is not, and even she has her insecurities. While sharing the lesson, her mother has always taught her about creating her own destiny, Mehwish mentioned how ‘anything is possible if only one believes.’

Here’s Mehwish’s complete post:

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