Mehwish Hayat lashes out at a fan for touching her ‘inappropriately’

Mehwish Hayat lashes out at a fan for touching her 'inappropriately'

Actress Mehwish Hayat publicly called out a fan for touching her inappropriately. The actress addressed the issue of people crossing boundaries.

Mehwish is an insanely talented actress. Other than being a great actress, with exceptional acting skills, Hayat has a melodious voice. She often shares videos of herself singing. The Punjab Nahi Jaungi star is multi-talented and has a massive following. The actress is among the finest in the industry.

The actress has been away from the Television screens for a while now. However, she is all set to make her comeback with London Nahi Jaoungi with Humayun Saeed. The movie is a sequel to Punjab Nahi Jaoungi.

Mehwish Hayat lashes out at a fan for touching her 'inappropriately'

Mehwish, other than being a great actress, is known for being outspoken. She doesn’t hesitate or shy away from calling out the wrong. The actress very frequently calls out fans who tend to cross their limits.

Recently, a video went viral in which a fan tries to put his hand behind Mehwish’s back. Despite being such a big celebrity, it seems like Hayat still struggles with such fans.

During the incident, a friend of the actress was there to prevent it from happening. She took to Instagram to talk about the issue. The actress expressed her shock over the incident. She wrote, ‘shocked at how much liberty the fans think they can take with artists.’

She also told that she was unaware that this happened. The actress further thanked her friend for ‘having her back.’

‘People should learn from you what being a true gentleman is about,’ she added.

Mehwish Hayat

Previously, the star lashed out at perverts for discussing her ‘bra’ under the independence day post. Hayat uploaded a photo of hers on 14th August, in which she was celebrating Pakistan’s Independence day. Meanwhile, a group of users started to talk about the color of her undergarments.

She responded by replying to these sick-minded people in her story. The actress wrote that she was ‘sickened’ to see the replies under her post. She also added that people who are talking about the color of her bra show how ‘sick and petty their minds are.

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