‘We will not be bullied into silence’ Mehwish Hayat demands justice for victims of gender-based violence

Mehwish Hayat is one vocal actress who makes sure to raise her voice on different occasions. The actress took to Instagram this time again to share her say on the recent incidents of violence. She posted stories on the day a 6-year-old minor’s rape and murder was reported.

Hayat demanded action be taken against those responsible. She wrote, ‘time for hashtags and slogans is over. We demand to know what the government is going to do to change the system. Sexual and gender violence and other forms of discrimination in a society cannot be eliminated without changing the society itself.’

In another IG story, Hayat said, ‘time for women to define our own narrative. We will not be bullied into silence. We will accept no one’s definition of our lives. but our own.’ The Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress then addressed the men telling them that they have an important role. Real men don’t abuse or hurt their partners.

The actress also shed light on the system of the country. She talked about how laws are present but their implementation should be ‘more rigorous and less traumatic for the victim.’ Hayat called the judicial system of the country ‘ineffective’ and outdated.

Mehwish Hayat believes that nobody should be living in fear as it is not acceptable. ‘Apathy is not an option. Action has to be taken now before another victim becomes a hashtag.’

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