WATCH | Mehar Bano and Ali Gul Pir collaborate to raise awareness on harassment

It’s disturbing to see how common sexual harassment is becoming and in these times, awareness is the most important thing that the public needs.

It seems like our sensible and talented artists have realized this and volunteered their platform to raise a voice on this important issue.

Raising awareness on the issue

Mehar Bano and Ali Gul Pir have partnered into making a video that focuses on the problem of harassment, which has become so common in our society.

They added the element of humor to make the video address this issue in an interesting way, however, they also ensured to give a very important lesson of telling everyone to step in if they see a woman getting harassed and not to stay silent over it.

We all remember Ali Gul Pir from the song ‘Wadairay ka Beta’. He is a comedian/actor/singer and he is very vocal about the key issues of the society.
Mehar Bano needs no introduction as well. She recently appeared in the series ‘Churails’ and people love her.

The two have definitely taken up some responsibility and used their platform for the greater good. More power to them for this.

See the video for yourself:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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