Does Meesha Shafi actually have a crush on Babar Azam? The singer reveals

Singer and model Meesha Shafi has finally laid the rumors of her having a ‘crush on cricketer Babar Azam’ to rest in an Instagram story.

The entire fiasco started after a fan-page of the athlete shared the news on Instagram. It shared a picture of Meesha and Babar and captioned it, “I always stick to the television when he is batting, and when he gets out, I switch my television off”.

“I would love to date him, I just love him,” the post added.

The singer then took to Instagram and slammed the fake news. She said that it is 100% fabricated and created ‘out of thin air’.

“I have no idea who this is and why it exists,” she wrote. She went on to add, “It makes zero sense, 100% concocted out of thin air. This quote is fabricated”.

Meesha also tagged Instagram’s official account and asked them to take the post down.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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