‘This is what epic hypocrisy looks like,’ Meesha Shafi calls out Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is one of the biggest names in the drama industry. Qamar, other than being a skillful actress, is known for vocalness. In the light of recent incidents, Saba took to her social media to ask men to break their ‘bro-codes.’

Saba in the post wrote, ‘please call out men in your circle with predatory behavior.’ After the actress’s post went viral, singer Meesha Shafi criticized her. She called out the Cheekh actress for being a hypocrite.

Shafi gave an explanation of why she called the actress a hypocrite. She mentioned how the actress ‘supports and validates’ the known sexual harassers. She further wrote, ‘putting out holier than thou statements about calling out predators is LITERAL HYPOCRISY.’

In another IG story, the singer spoke up about how Qamar supported and defended predators even when the survivors ‘shared their experiences.’ She also schooled Saba saying that she should first hold herself accountable for her own ‘enabling actions.’

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