VIDEO | Meera Jee, accused of fraud, threatens to hang herself publically if found guilty

Well-known actress Meera Jee was recently accused of fraud and earning money through illegal means by a family. The actress replied to these allegations by saying she will ‘hang herself publically’ if these allegations are proven true.

In a press conference, she rejected all these allegations and said she was being targeted.

Press conference

“I will hang myself if I am found guilty of fraud and corruption. Some elements are targeting me and continuously doing propaganda. I challenge all those who are involved”, Meera Jee said.

She added that if her actions lead to a controversy, then so be it because she isn’t afraid of anyone except Allah. Meera claimed she had gone out of her way to help the family, which accused her of fraud.

“I offered my own home to a low-income family during the corona pandemic. I allowed them to stay there for a period of three months, and in return, they are making false accusations against me,” Meera said.

She even brought evidence to prove herself innocent. Meera presented her account details and bank statements and said that her money trail proves she’s innocent.

“My bank account and credit history show that no funds and money has been transferred in my account during this year. Every department can see my bank statement and how much money I earned. My bank account is empty, and here, I also present my account numbers to any intelligence agency that wants to verify my details as they wish,” the actress said.

Throughout her life, Meera has been involved in numerous controversies, and like the rest, this one doesn’t bother her as well.

Watch her press conference here:

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