Maya Ali is giving us some major fitness goals in her latest workout photos!

Maya Ali is a name in the Pakistani industry that needs absolutely no introduction. With a number of high-rating drama serials and even movies to her name, she has established herself in the deeply competitive industry in the shortest span of time.

With being extremely talented and enjoying the popularity that no one else does, Maya has also built a repute of being a socially responsible celebrity. She was seen on the front line, raising awareness and carrying out relief activities for those who have been worst-hit by COVID-19. She also encouraged her followers to do so.

”May Allah bless us with good health and courage to help the needy people in this crucial time”,
she wrote in her instagram post.

While the majority of us are (and should be) confined to our homes to contain the spread of the novel virus, we should still not be taking our health for granted. And is exactly Maya is going!

As we cannot leave our homes, she has set up a workout corner inside her home to maintain shape and keep her health in check. It must be kept in mind that exercise is also the most reliable way to boost immunity, hence it is advisable to follow a routine, especially as we face a global pandemic.

eeling low on motivation to do that? Well, Maya’s workout photos will surely give some!

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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