PICTURES | Maya Ali looks STUNNING in her photoshoot for Niche Lifestyle Magazine

Everyone knows Maya Ali. She won the hearts of many after her famous drama ‘Mann Mayal.’ She has appeared in films such as ‘Paray Hutt Love‘ and ‘Teefa in Trouble‘, too, where she starred alongside Ali Zafar. Maya has won the ‘Best TV Actress’ at the Lux Style Awards.

Maya’s Shoot for Niche Lifestyle Magazine

Maya Ali is now the highlight of the Niche Lifestyle Magazine. She talked about success and dealing with a new kind of stardom. She discussed several topics, including how she doesn’t let the success get to her head. The actress also said that if she gets an excellent chance to work outside the country and share her talent with others, she won’t skip it and will avail it.

Here are Maya’s pictures from the shoot for the magazine, and she looks like a perfect combination of elegance and style in them.

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