Mawra Hocane speaks up against people leaving hateful comments about celebrities

Mawra and Urwa are the two well-known and prominent actresses in our industry. Both have proven themselves in a short time through their sheer dedication and continuous effort. They have played difficult characters and pulled them off really well.

Recently, the drama Sabat, which was aired on Hum TV, reached its conclusion. Mawra, in the drama, was playing the role of a very strong-headed and capable girl named Anaya. The drama gained a lot of fame, mainly due to its strong cast, and well, people appreciated the storyline too.

Mawra received a lot of hate and criticism when the drama was being aired. In a recent interview, she spoke up about the heartless comments people give actors, including her own self.

She said how people often forget that entertainers are also human. She added she could tolerate comments regarding her roles like Anaya, but when people target Mawra personally, it hurts her sentiments. She also mentioned how the criticism and negative feedback on the character could motivate a person to do better and better; however, these personal attacks are hurtful instead of motivating.

Mawra Hocane believes that she is strong enough to let go of these hateful, toxic comments but for new actors who have just stepped into the industry, it becomes really shattering and de-motivating. Hence, the audience should think twice before leaving negative comments under a celebrity’s photo.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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