VIDEO | Mawra Hocane confesses that she decided to quit showbiz because of online hate

Many Pakistani celebrities are great at dealing with trolls and shutting down haters. But it seems like some do not know how to deal with hate and take all of it to their heart; among them is Mawra Hocane. Mawra recently confessed that she thought about quitting showbiz because of the hate she received online.

In an interview with Mira Sethi, Mawra talked about how all the negative comments impacted her. The actress said haters are not taken as motivation by everyone.

She added that people used to tell her that she should use her social media platforms for greater purposes, such as educating people. Hence, she felt a lot of pressure and she thought that she can’t make one mistake.

The realization forced her into thinking that she should shut down her social media and quit acting. She even went to Sydney and told her parents about the decision. At the time, she was emotionally vulnerable and didn’t know how to protect herself. But then Hocane got the strength and realized that she can’t apologize for everything.

Here’s Mawra Hocane’s complete interview:

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