Is Mawish Hayat joining politics soon?

Actress Mawish Hayat is a known name in the Pakistani industry, from all the right and wrong reasons. The actress, though always enjoyed a recognition because of her work, she more importantly became the hot topic of the town after securing Tamgha e Imtiaz.

The national award, which triggered a debate about whether or not she ‘deserved’ it, also made Mawish more vocal on issues related to Pakistan. She is now seen actively talking about national matters and political climate.

Is Mawish joining politics?

Well, nothing can be certainly said right now, but she hinted at it during her recent informal chat with Pakistani entertainment blog Desiblitz.

“I would like to say that I love the power that comes with politics – don’t get me wrong, I am not some sort of megalomaniac,” she said.

The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actress talked about how she is fascinated by the power politics brings and how it impacts one’s life.

“I think that I am becoming aware of how much of our life is impacted by global politics. Something that happens in Washington could have an impact on the price of food in Karachi – we are that interconnected and interdependent these days. This fascinates me,” she added.

Not the first time

This is not the first time Hayat showed her inclination towards politics. Back in 2019, she responded to a fan’s tweet, saying to ‘vote for her in 2028’.

When asked about why she thinks she can be a successful Prime Minister, she said it is her fighting spirit and the fact that she never gives up.

“Wow, you are making this sound like an election debate already. Talking hypothetically and only hypothetically, I think that I have an analytic mind that questions everything. I also feel that I understand what the needs and worries of the average people are,” Hayat responded, while speaking to Desiblitz.

Hayat is currently working on her project ‘Benazir Bhutto’s Biopic’. She is playing BB’s role.

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