Mathira shuts down trolls and body-shaming comments in the latest Instagram post!

Pictures of the Pakistani model, actress, and television hostess Mathira from a game show broke the internet recently and had many people talking.  

After receiving constant hateful comments online about her body, Mathira has finally broken her silence over the issue. She replied to the negative comments by putting up a post on her Instagram account, in which she explained how judgmental people get these days.

She talked about how people nowadays mock you for the color of your skin or your body. How people name and blame you for the way you dress and think they have a ‘special power of knowing who is going to hell’.

Mathira further said that ‘people label a girl on her small cloths but don’t see their own small thoughts’ and they don’t take under consideration how such comments can emotionally damage a certain person. Moreover, this is just their way of letting their frustration out on someone they don’t even know personally.

She made it clear that she is strong enough to tolerate such comments. She said that if judging someone you barely know, blaming and abusing them makes you happy, then she doesn’t mind. Mathira said she just doesn’t let such individuals get the best of her and impact her to the least because for her, physical appearance is nothing and it’s the soul that matters.

In the end, she concluded by writing some words against ‘bullying’. Mathira believes that not everyone is as strong as her to tolerate the hate. She supports the message of love and stands against comments that can shatter someone’s feelings. She said that ‘you must correct your own self let and the decision of who is a saint and a sinner, be left on God’.

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