Mathira and Muneeb Butt argue over the slap scene in ‘Laapata’

Muneeb Butt talks about the Laapata slap scene

Recently, a slap scene in the drama Laapata, starring Sarah Khan and Gohar Rasheed, divided the internet. Social media users praised Sarah Khan’s character, Falak.

On the other hand, the other majority of viewers were against the scene, with some saying that it was ‘unnecessary’. Celebrities like Mathira and Muneed Butt have also shared their take on this scene.

The slap scene

In episode 12 of the drama, Falak’s courage and bravery are shown. When Daniyal, her husband, slaps her, she hits back and tells him to never dare to do something like this again.

People praised Sarah Khan for taking up the role of a brave woman and deviating from the traditional storyline. Some people did not like this scene, saying that violence should not be depicted.

Muneeb Butt and Mathira’s opinion

Actor Muneeb Butt posted his view of the scene on Instagram. He wrote that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

Muneeb Butt shares his view on the slap scene in Laapata

Mathira replied to this and said that ‘if he slaps you, he is not worth it’. She said that if there is abuse involved in a relationship, it should be left.

Mathira replies to Muneed Butt

Both have a correct opinion. However, we also need to acknowledge the fact that domestic abuse is persistent in our society and women all around us are victims of it. They don’t speak up about it. With this character, Sarah Khan has sent a message to women that abuse is not okay.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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