Mashal Khan urges people to stop pulling her into Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly’s engagement announcement

Soon after Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly announced their engagement, people started sharing clips of host Amir Liaquat teasing Ali with actress Mashal Khan’s name in a show recently. All sorts of rumors started flying here and there with people sharing Mashal and Ali’s old pictures makes memes.

Khan didn’t react to what was happening instantly however, recently the actress broke her silence over the happenings. Taking to Instagram, the star urged the public to keep her name out of the engagement announcement. Mashal wrote that it was sad to see how a moment of happiness has been turned into a ‘gossip’ for a couple who just announced their engagement. She requested people to stop with the gossips. Moreover, she also ended up with a prayer for the couple and also told the public NOT to ruin someone’s moment.

The couple themselves haven’t reacted to all the gossips and rumors. They two have, however, been sharing heartfelt notes and comments for each other on Instagram.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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