‘Getting married is the only achievement of a girl that society acknowledges’ Maryam Noor

Maryam Noor is a celebrated actress of the industry known for her work in the industry. She gained recognition through her roles in dramas such as Malal-e-yaar, Silsilay, Ishq Jalebi, Shehnai and more.

In an interview recently, Noor opened up about the pressure society puts on a girl for getting married. She talked about how ‘getting married’ is the only big achievement that society acknowledges and no matter what you do other than that goes unnoticed.

The actress gave an example of herself saying that she has accomplished a lot in her capacity at a young age however, no one appreciates her for it because to them, she hasn’t done something ‘very big’ until or unless she gets married. She then proceeded on explaining the stereotypical mindset of society telling that if you have done law, no one would think it is an achievement because everyone can do it. Noor herself is fond of interior designing and decorates her home now and then, but it is ‘not’ talent to the public. Maryam believes that the day she will be considered a successful person would be when she gets married. She also talked about how in her own friend circle, people consider an unmarried person ‘lonely.’

The actress further shed light on how frustrating this approach is and how it should be changed.

Watch the complete interview here:

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