Maria B’s husband was released from jail and the internet blew up with memes

Maria B has been a huge name in the Pakistani Fashion industry for about 20 years now. There’s hardly going to be anyone that hasn’t at least heard of the brand at least once in their lives.

The owner, Maria Butt, has gone on all this time without getting involved in any major controversy. We aren’t really used to hearing her name unless it’s about clothing.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, Maria B’s husband, Tahir Saeed, was arrested by the police in the middle of the night.

A few hours after the abrupt arrest, Maria took to social media and uploaded a video. Shaken and pleading for help from the Prime Minister of Pakistan asking him to release her husband from jail. She talked about how the police hadn’t even told them why Tahir was being arrested let alone wait for a lawyer.

Later on, he’s released and we find out that he was arrested on the charges of criminal negligence for knowing their cook had tested positive for the coronavirus civil-19 and instead of admitting him in a hospital or quarantining him in their home they let him go to his village.

After Tahir was released, they sat down and uploaded another video detailing everything that happened and why they let him go.

That seemed like the end of it. But the internet wasn’t done yet. Over the next few hours, social media blew up with statuses, tweets and videos trolling Maria B for the way they’ve acted and avoided taking responsibility for their actions and portraying themselves as the “real victims”

The video edits were especially hilarious.

Some went as far as to call for a boycott of the brand for the way all of this went down.

Seems like even if they aren’t held accountable by the Law, the internet isn’t going to let this one slide for a while.

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