PICTURES: Meet the 3-year old Marge Pellumbi who recreates looks of Pakistani celebrities

Marge Pellumbi, an adorable Albanian girl, is recreating looks of Pakistani celebrities in the most adorable way possible.

Some Pakistani celebrities are famous not only inside the country but abroad as well because of their talent. Marge, who seems to be a big fan of these celebrities, is remaking their pictures and looks.
Previously, two children got a lot of fame in Pakistan for recreating celebrity looks, and now comes this little girl.

Three-year-old Marge loves doing makeovers like these celebrities and posting comparison pictures on Instagram. The cute girl has so far remade looks of so many Pakistani actresses and we cannot help but agree that she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Pictures of Marge imitating Pakistani celebrities are below

Which one is your favorite look? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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