‘Mard he mard ka dushman hota hai’- Mere paas tum ho Edition

Meray paas tum ho seems to be the internet’s most favorite drama these days. How can it not be “it’s such an eye opener yaar” 
In case you haven’t seen this drama yet and don’t want it spoiled – spoiler alert

The Plot:

So it starts where we see a married couple, who have had a ‘pasand ki shaadi‘ but everyone’s pretty shocked about it since The Wife- Mehwish (Main Role) is apparently the worlds most beautiful woman and The Husband- Danish (Main Role) is not rich enough to match the standard of her beauty. (Yes thats a thing).
This combination is completely unacceptable.

For the first few episodes we see how mehwish is not that happy in her marriage, even though she has a loving, trusting, sughar husband – he will make all the chaye and omelettes your heart desires. But she wants money. Since according to her (out of nowhere) nothing is better than being rich. 

Here enters Mr Shawar (the other man) with more money than she could ever imagine. And oooh he’s spotted her and what happens when a beautiful woman is spotted by a rich man? He must have her, even if it takes Pachas million.

Here the Internet totally blows up with do takey ki larki ke liye pachas million memes. You couldn’t scroll a minute without seeing one pop up. Since we’ve never really seen a drama quite like this. 

When in reality, we have. 

Dramas exactly like this with the same exact story lines air every day, the only difference? That it’s the usual Husband, wife and the other wife.

How many times have we seen dramas where there’s a loving, trusting wife, making more than just omelettes, having babies, enduring the zulmo sitam, being taunted but she smiles through it all because she’s such an angel but her husband gets swayed by a Dusri aurat? All the time. But do you know what we don’t see? Is that husband being called a do takey ka admi. 

If you pay attention, this drama might actually be genuis. Only because the only thing it’s done is that it’s entirely reversed the genders of the script. It’s the same script but flipped upside down. But here we won’t hear them say “Danish tayar hua karo”, “tumney he aisey haalat paida kiye ke tumhari biwi kisi aur mard ke pass chali gayi”. Or a twist to the classic “mard he mard ka dushman hota hai”. Because that’s not what the drama has portrayed (so far at least). 

We see how cheating has hurt Danish so much. But he lets her go, because he wants her to be happy. Same thing that is in any other drama when the husband decides to bring in another wife (since polygamy is mans birth right and he must exercise it). 

The truth is, we find it very easy to degrade women in our society.

We always have. Which makes it very easy for the characters to say stuff like “do takey ki larki” for his wife. 

Normalizing cheating is not okay. But I won’t really be impressed until the same old ‘2 wife 1 husband dramas’ use language similar to this in their scripts. But I have yet to see that happen, dramas where the husband is treated this way won’t make waves. Instead, he’ll be praised for “making it halal” or “choosing what made him happy without stringing the wife along” and at the very end will somehow redeem himself and live happily ever after. 

I wonder why the same old character arcs we are so used to seeing- suddenly become so indigestible when the protagonist ends up being the lead female

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