Mansha Pasha’s ‘Kahay Dil Jidhr’ highlights drug addiction in the country

Mansha Pasha's 'Kahay Dil Jidhr' highlights drug addiction in the country

The trailer for the movie ‘Kahay Dil Jidhr’ has finally been released. The movie stars actress Mansha Pasha and actor Junaid Khan in the lead roles.

The film is based on the theme of drug abuse in the root. It targets its root causes. Junaid is playing the role of a police officer while Mansha is playing a journalist in the movie. Despite being close friends in college, the two face each other as rivals in their professional fields. The Laal Kabootar actress’s character accuses Khan’s of having a connection with the drug mafia.

Pasha is shown as an honest journalist who stands firm against corrupt policemen. She uncovers the drug situation in the country. Moreover, the trailer displays Khan’s character as corrupt. However, later on, he stands with justice.

The Kahay Dil Jidhr is produced under Wijdaan films and directed by Jalal Roomi. People are excited about the movie because it addresses the real problems of our society. Moreover, the strong cast has everyone hyped up for what’s coming.

Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha stays in the limelight very frequently for different reasons.

Previously, the actress schooled users who character assassinated actors on the basis of their dressing at LSA’21. The Laal Kabootar actress, Mansha Pasha, took to Twitter to call out all the people making fun of celebrities. She mentioned how all award shows end with ‘sermonizing comments’ on pictures of female stars. The actress wants people to STOP judging celebrities and bombarding them with negative comments. She mentioned how verbal abuse can never be justified.

The actress recently also addressed all those who compare her facial features with Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan. Mansha and Sara Ali’s resemblance has more than once been a topic of debate.

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