Mansha Pasha was spotted wearing a dress worth Rs93,000 and people have questions!

When it comes to fashion, price, and quality are very closely related. If you pay low, you get a low quality too and when one thinks about expensive dresses, they believe the quality and work should justify the high-end price tag. And well, the price is justified as long as one gets what they pay for.

Recently, the actress Mansha Pasha was spotted wearing a stunning lilac and yellow outfit. Pasha looked gorgeous in the exquisite dress and we have no doubts about it. But when a Twitter user pointed out that she loved Pasha’s dress until she got to know it was worth 93,000 PKR, she left many eyebrows raised.

YES – the designer dress that Mansha is wearing in the beautiful ‘Ramzan Mubarik’ picture is designer outfit that costs WAY more than you might expect.

People have questions and want to know what’s so special about this outfit that it has such a high price tag. Twitter users are even questioning if the dress has gold or diamond embroidery. A vast majority thinks it’s absolutely stupid to invest so much in a dress.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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