‘I’m the original,’ Mansha Pasha says Sara Ali Khan is her copy

Actress Mansha Pasha responded to a user on her Instagram account. The netizen told her that she looks like Sara Ali Khan.

Mansha and Sara Ali’s resemblance has more than once been a topic of debate. Multiple people think that the two look very similar. Pasha has always been frequently told how the two have identical features. Many users even call her ‘Pakistani Sara Ali Khan.’

'I'm the original,' Mansha Pasha says Sara Ali Khan is her copy

However, it seems like the actress is not on board with such comments. Oftentimes, she has told how she disagrees with the remarks.

Recently, a comment on Mansha’s post has been making rounds. The user told her that she is Sara’s copy number 1. The Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida star replied with a witty comment. She said that Khan is her copy. Moreover, she is ‘original.’

'I'm the original,' Mansha Pasha says Sara Ali Khan is her copy

This isn’t the first time that the actress gave a witty remark on being resembled with the Bollywood star. In a Q&A session on Instagram, a user told her that she is Pakistan’s, Sara Ali Khan. The actress said that she doesn’t see any resemblance. Moreover, she also revealed that she does get this comment a lot.

Earlier, the actress schooled users who character assassinated actors on the basis of their dressing at LSA’21. The Laal Kabootar actress, Mansha Pasha, took to Twitter to call out all the people making fun of celebrities. She mentioned how all award shows end with ‘sermonizing comments’ on pictures of female stars. The actress wants people to STOP judging celebrities and bombarding them with negative comments. She mentioned how verbal abuse can never be justified.

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