‘They think we are dou takay ke models,’ Manal Saleem calls out Sana Javed for being disrespectful

While Sana Javed is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her acting, she often makes headlines for her rude behavior. Recently, Pakistani model Manal Saleem took to Instagram and requested ‘clients’ to not work with celebrities anymore.

‘They think we are dou takay ki models,’ she said in the post. Saleem added that celebrities have a self-entitled attitude. Although the model did not name anyone in particular, she did repost the stories that had Sana’s name mentioned.

'They think we are dou takay ke models,' Manal Saleem calls out Sana Javed for being disrespectful

After this hit the internet, her fans were enraged and supported Minal’s stance. Another model shared her experience of working with Sana Javed, as she sent a DM to Manal Saleem.

The model said she had a horrible experience with Sana, and when she asked if the actress could take a boomerang. She replied, “tum models fame ke liye kuch bhe kar sakti ho, act like you and me are friends?”.

'They think we are dou takay ke models,' Manal Saleem calls out Sana Javed for being disrespectful

Sana Javed’s previous controversies

This isn’t the first time someone has called her out. Makeup Artist Ikram Gohar has also accused the actress of being rude before. He said that Sana treated him like ‘shit’ and he wasn’t even allowed to use the washroom in her home while he was doing her makeup.

He was told to use the washroom of a restaurant that was next door. According to him, Javed even removed her eye makeup ten times when he was doing a trial on her for her Nikkah. After their meeting, she called him unprofessional. Gohar said that his friends have had the same experience while working with Sana Javed. He thinks that she should be ‘banned’ in the industry due to her behavior.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Shereen Salman says:

    Most definitely ban her I say boycott her unfollow her insta. It is us public who makes them a celebrity or a star. N stardom has this negative impact on then all I can say is “Her Urooj ka Zawaal Hai” aur Ghuroor ka sir necha. So wait n watch

  • Saba Hasan says:

    Bandar jaise kaan hai attitude kis baat ka hai bolti hai go honton ke side par thook rakha hota hai ziada hi over ho rahi hai aik award to le na saki actress baney gi huh

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