Makeup artist Natasha Ali recreates Parineeti Chopra’s look – Parineeti reposts

Makeup artist Natasha Ali Lakhani is well-known for her exceptional makeup skills. Natasha also has a prominent social media presence where she shares makeup tutorials.

She recently recreated Parineeti Chopra’s look from her latest film ‘The Girl on the Train.’ The artist posted pictures and a video of herself recreating the look, and well, she did an amazing job! The film star herself shared the recreation on her story on Instagram, appreciating Natasha.

Natasha Ali took to Instagram to share with the public about the star reposting her look and why she did it. She said she was inspired by a fellow makeup artist who recreated Parineeti’s look from the movie. She also focused on the little details in her look, which helped her remake the actress’s look.

The Girl on The Train is basically a remake of a Hollywood film based on Paula Hawkin’s ‘bestselling novel.’

Watch the trailer of the movie here:

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